a list of some things I've built, have a look around!

♪ Music tech

🎹 Sample library player on the web.

I like sampling instruments, like my Rhodes electric piano which I've made into a sample library for Kontakt. Typically, a "demo" of a plugin or sample library is a pre-recorded track or video featuring the instrument. To actually try the virtual instrument, you need to download and install it.
As a weekend project, I wanted to create a fully interactive demo that you can play in the browser.

Just play it


Let it play for you


use a MIDI keyboard!

*demo is only available on desktop, sorry! Check out the full demo of Vintage Electric, which has MIDI file playback and MIDI keyboard support. Play around with this demo or check out the product demo of Vintage Electric, which has some extra features.

💡 Integrating REAPER and a smart bulb to turn red when recording.

When your DAW telling you it's recording clearly isn't enough

More info on the Cockos forums

👨‍💻 Apps & Extensions

Other projects

Designs & concepts

a showcase of some of my UI designs

  • ♫ A hackable music player concept. What if we had 'user-generated software' instead of 'user-generated content'? In this mockup instead of playlists we have 'playlets' - little musical programs that can be run inside the player, encouraging new ways to listen to and perceive music. As an example I show a simple Wikipedia playlet, which brings up songs together with their Wikipedia article.

  • 🔨 A concept UI for the data science world: a command-based data tool that can perform smart transformations on documents using natural language commands instead of Excel-like formulas or menus.

  • Modos: a concept I started thinking about to re-imagine window and workspace management on a desktop environment. I regularly switch between different tasks (development, design, writing, research, music production, etc), and wanted a way to arrange, visualise these 'modes' in my OS, and switch between them at the click of a button. I started tinkering with a BetterTouchTool preset to imagine what this can look like. I left this on hold but might come back to it at some point.