a list of some things I've built, have a look around!

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♪ Music tech

💡 Integrating REAPER and a smart bulb to turn red when recording.


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👚‍💻 Apps & Extensions

Other projects

Designs & concepts

a showcase of some of my UI designs

  • ♫ A hackable music player concept. What if we had 'user-generated software' instead of 'user-generated content'? In this mockup instead of playlists we have 'playlets' - little musical programs that can be run inside the player, encouraging new ways to listen to and perceive music. As an example I show a simple Wikipedia playlet, which brings up songs together with their Wikipedia article.

  • 🔚A concept UI for the data science world: a command-based data tool that can perform smart transformations on documents using natural language commands instead of Excel-like formulas or menus.

  • 🎚 A logo I made when I was working on a social media app for students during my final year. The shape and two-in-one aspect are interesting, but I haven't found a use for it since.

  • Modos: a concept I started thinking about to re-imagine window and workspace management on a desktop environment. I regularly switch between different tasks (development, design, writing, research, music production, etc), and wanted a way to arrange, visualise these 'modes' in my OS, and switch between them at the click of a button. I started tinkering with a BetterTouchTool preset to imagine what this can look like. I left this on hold but might come back to it at some point.