I make thought-provoking music.



Licensing / using in your projects

Send me an email with the track(s) you like and what it's for, and I'll get back to you with license details. Thanks!

🎻 Custom score

I'm currently


I especially welcome films of a contemplative nature.

music projects 👇

some things here and there...

🔌 Improvisations

A lot of my musical adventures have their roots in improvisation. As a personal project, I'm recording some of my improv sessions, like this one:


or this one:


🔌 Rhodesian Keys

My first software instrument :)

I had to get my hands on a Rhodes, and when I did, I had to sample it! Rhodesian Keys is a software instrument sampled from a Rhodes Mark I 1973, which I'll be releasing on this website at some point.

Update: you can now get it from the shop!


🦆 El Pato Records

El Pato Records logo

A little record label and collective of musicians started by me and some friends. Check us out our music on SoundCloud or follow us on Instagram

🎞 Stranger Things intro re-score

An attempt at rescoring the iconic Stranger Things title sequence.


🎬 Film scoring

My IMDB ->

I've had the pleasure of composing for these short films:

Blood of Poet is an experimental short film I scored based on philosophical poetry by Diego de Los Andes. Watch on YouTube
Into The Loo is a fun student short film about a boy shutting away the outside world by locking himself in the loo.

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Full album on SoundCloud ->

🎧 Featured music

I regularly upload cinematic, experimental, progressive, electronic and jazzy tracks on my SoundCloud. Sometimes I also do covers and remixes, and publish unedited live jam sessions.

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🎹 Pianosphere

Pianosphere is neo-classical album I'm working on to explore and capture the sound of the piano in new ways.

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🔉 Samples

If you're looking for distinct sounds to use in your projects, head over to the shop!

🎬 Westworld Competition

I took part in the online film music competition from Spitfire Audio and HBO, scoring a car chase sequence from Westworld season 3. Have a look at my entry on YouTube:

You didn't have to scroll all the way down here :) That's too kind.
If you'd like to hear more, there's -> more music on my SoundCloud